Wednesday , 26 February 2020
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Does A Background In Linguistics Make Language Learning Easier?

An interesting topic was posted on Reddit Linguistics recently, in which a poster asked whether or not a background in linguistics would help a person learn a new language more easily.  This would seem to make sense; a knowledge of the inner workings of language would seem to give a person a leg up on learning new ones. Most posters …

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What Is Linguistic Anthropology?

In a nutshell, linguistic anthropology is the study of how languages contribute to and form our perceptions of the world, and how language can contribute to sociology in terms of delineating groups and forming a sense of community and belonging. When I was studying at the University of Michigan I took a random class called Linguistic Anthropology that was apparently …

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Are Some Languages Easier To Learn Than Others?

There is a common thought that certain languages are easier to learn than others.  But is this really the case?  In a certain sense, yes, but in a certain sense, no.  It is very hard to judge the difficulty of a language because there are so many scales on which that difficulty could be based on.  Plus, you would have …

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How Language Can Shape The Perception Of Time

time language perception

Not all cultures think of time in the same way, and many times language is tied into this perception.  It has often been a question amongst scholars whether or not language actually influences the way a person thinks, or if all people think the same way and just talk about it differently.  Several studies have been done that conclude that …

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