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Rocket Spanish Review 2020: In-Depth And Detailed

The Rocket Language series is a very popular online – based language learning program that allows users to acquire new languages through audio lessons, workbooks, quizzes, games, and more.  One of their flagship titles, and arguably their most popular seller, is Rocket Spanish. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and for English speakers is …

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Rocket German Review – 2020 Update

There are a plethora of language learning options these days.  From live classes to apps to formal and expensive software, it can be difficult to pick out a course that suits you and your learning style.  Rocket Languages is an online language learning course that enables students to set their own pace and learn a language themselves from scratch. Rocket …

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Rocket Japanese Review – 2020 Update

2020 rocket japanese review

Learning Japanese is no small undertaking.  The language is filled with differences from English in both its grammar and its written form.  Once you’ve decided that you are up for the challenge, you then have to figure out how to go about the learning process.  There are so many options for learning Japanese nowadays—from classes at universities to Skype tutors …

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Rocket Chinese Review – 2020 Update

rocket chinese review

When it comes to learning a new language, often the first thing you have to decide (after picking the language that you want to learn, of course!) is how to go about doing it.  There are so many options out there, from online tutors to university and adult learning classes to one of the most popular choices of computer based …

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Rocket Italian Review – 2020 Update

Italian is one of the most beautiful languages on earth, and learning it can be a fun and achievable challenge.  No matter your reasons for learning this popular Romance language, it will be a fun journey.  Italian is the closest language to Latin in terms of vocabulary, and is the official language of Italy as well as the Vatican.  It …

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The Best Language Learning Software

If you want to learn a new language at home, then getting a software program might be a great idea.  The best part about software for learning a language is that it is interactive, and can replicate the experience of being in a classroom.  Modern software can even somewhat replicate the experience of conversing with native speakers.  The challenge lies …

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Rocket Languages Vs Rosetta Stone

There are a lot of different language learning programs out there, but two of the top ones that get compared quite often are Rocket Languages and Rosetta Stone.  In fact, according to Google these are the most compared language programs on the market.  These are both very competitive titles, so what are the differences between them?  Let’s take  a brief …

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Rocket French Review: Our Personal Experience

When it comes to learning a new language on your own it can be difficult to select a language learning software program to use. One excellent program that many people haven’t even heard of is the Rocket Languages series. This series, published by Libros Media, is a very high quality and intensive language learning program. In fact it is fast …

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